• Web-based crystallographic whitepapers by D. Chirgadze:

Protein Crystallisation in Action (July 8, 2001) pdf version
Molecular Replacement in Action (November 19, 2001) pdf version

  • Stock availability of crystallisation plates with pre-dispenced screens:

The screens are pre-dispensed into 96-wells, 2-drops, MRC-type plates and are in 1-12 format (compatible with Rock Imager software). The cost is £12.85 per plate (this includes the UV-transparent seal) as of February 1, 2016.

Crystallisation Screen (Manufacturer) Stock Availability
Classics Suite (Qiagen)
Classics Lite Suite (Qiagen)
JCSG+ (Molecular Dimensions)
PH Clear I Suite (Qiagen)
PH Clear II Suite (Qiagen)
MBClass II Suite (Molecular Dimensions)
PEGS I Suite (Qiagen)
PEGS II Suite (Qiagen)
Protein Complex (Qiagen)
Nucleix Suite (Qiagen)
Cryo 96 Suite (Qiagen)
AmSO4 Suite (Qiagen)
PACT Suite (Molecular Dimensions)
MPD Suite (Qiagen)
MIDAS (Molecular Dimensions)
Morpheus (Molecular Dimensions)
MemGold (Molecular Dimensions)
Wizard I and II (Molecular Dimensions)
Wizard III and IV (Molecular Dimensions)