Manuals & Safety

Manuals (collection of in-house manuals, local access only)

ICARUS Manuals:

  • Safety and Warning Lights, v2014.2 (download pdf)
  • Manual Crystal Mounting and Centring Procedure, v2014.2 (download pdf)
  • Rapid X-ray Diffraction Screening of Crystals, v2014.2 (download pdf)
  • Data Collection and Processing, v2014.2 (download pdf)


  • Plates Loading/Unloading and Imaging, v2015.8 (download pdf)updated

PHOENIX Manuals:

General Safety Notes

  • No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the X-ray, Crystallisation and Crystallisation Robotics rooms.
  • Always wear lab coats, protective goggles and gloves while handling liquid nitrogen and never wear shorts or open-top shoes.
  • Never attempt to tamper with the radiation safety enclosure doors and safety interlocking mechanisms.
  • Never undertake any repair work on the X-ray equipment.
  • In the event of general fire alarm, leave the rooms immediately and go to assembly point outside of the building. Find any member of facility support staff and inform them of the status of the X-ray equipment (i.e. powered up, collecting data).

X-ray Safety:

  • Local Rules (download pdf) must be read and rigorously followed by all users !
  • Risk Assessment X-ray/X1 – X-ray Data Collection (download pdf) and its Appendix A (download pdf)
  • For any questions regarding the X-ray safety contact the local Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) – Dr Dima Chirgadze, dyc21 at

Other Safety Aspects:

  • Risk Assessment X-ray/C3 – Cryogens (download pdf)
  • Risk Assessment X-ray/E1 – Electrical Equipment (download pdf)