ICARUS Usage Statistics

Here is a small report highlighting the statistics for the usage of ICARUS and for the X-ray diffraction data collected for the period from 1 November, 2010 to 28 February, 2011.

During this period we had no breakdowns and only had 2 days of maintenance by Bruker engineers (post-installation checks). The ICARUS is still running on its first filament from the time of installation back in October 13, 2010. Since then, the MICROSTAR generator has run at full power (45kV, 60mA) for 80% of the time. The Cobra Cryostream has been running 24/7 since it was turned on October 15, 2010.

The total number of ICARUS operational days for the period from 1 November, 2010 to 28 February, 2011 is 63 days (weekends, holiday and training closures are excluded). There are now 32 users of the Facility that are trained in the usage of ICARUS.

In terms of the X-ray data acquisition, the users have collected 108 complete datasets that resulted in protein structures. The resolution of the datasets ranged between 1.4 and 3.6 Angstrom, and dataset collection time between 10 minutes and 3 days (please note that none of those datasets included data from lysozyme or thaumatin crystals). We also estimate that about 1000 crystals were tested by users for diffraction during this period. The samples from external users run on ICARUS included amyloid fibrils and carbon nano-tubes.

About 95% of all collected datasets were processed (indexed, integrated, scaled and space group determined) using the PROTEUM2 software (Bruker AXS). The users, including novices and experts alike, are generally pleased with the supplied data processing software, commenting on its ease of use during the setup of data collection experiments as well as during the data processing calculations.

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